Beauty and the Beast

by Nancy


And who was which?

Our Beauty was beastly.
More than once.

Did she love Elliot?

How profound the hurt of asking. Too deep to feel. Until later.
Bleeding words.
To guide. Honor her inward journey.
For her happiness.

Our Beauty. Being beastly.
She wouldn't let it change anything.
Wouldn't let it change anything?!

Death. In a sentence.

Still he loves.

Past his peace.
With his very life. Loving.
Loving almost-his Catherine.
Who could not understand. Then.
Who could not ... not even imagine ... a love like his. In any world.

But ... then ... she did.
Learn him.
Learn from him. Shown the depth of an undreamed love. Given.
From the beginning.
To her.

For them. For us.
Beauty abides. Forever in love.




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