A Perfect Love

by Nancy


“Father, it hurts.”

The candid revelation of a shattered heart that could yet rejoice in the source of its anguish.
A soul embracing the certain loss of what it had newly dared dream of having. 

“It hurts.”

The definition of a world ending.
A peculiar death that would leave him to live in the shadow of another’s happiness.

This son of his. 
A mystery of birth.  And creation.  
Clearly more than an ordinary creation.  However the birth came to be. 


The very best of sentient creatures. 
Superior to any man or woman the Father had ever known. 

Gifted by the Creator of Perfection in miraculous ways.

“It hurts.”

Naked words. 
A knightly quest fulfilled in a forever’s suffering. 

“It hurts and I welcome the pain to keep her safe from it.
There is no blame, no fault. The very hurting is a blessing.
She has found a new dream. 
I rejoice for her.
I have and will always love her.” 

Did Vincent know it would end this way? 
He’d had to think it. 
The Father had said it. Often.

Being a proven prophet is not all gratification.

There was much to learn from this man he called son.
Lessons of light.
That place where darkness cannot abide. 
Where forgiveness is stranger to a heart that cannot ascribe guilt.

The Father limped away to lie in bed and wonder.
Had he years enough left to learn all that his son had to teach?



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